Anonymous said: why am i ok with the fact that my wife is letting another guy fuck her

Why is she okay with having another guy fuck her in front of you? :0

Sex is simply an expression of desires. Sometimes it is also an expression of love, but the expression of love sometimes can mean knowing that your partner is getting joy. If you truly love your wife and are secure in your relationship, indulging in such fantasies should serve to add to it, not subtract.

Perhaps, however, you are simply a dirty, horny bastard! :)

sufficientlydeviant said: You have some quite lovely stories, I'm enjoying the immensely. Cheers -SD

Thank you! More will come (cum?) but the schedule hasn’t been very free lately and we haven’t had time to devote to the site. That will change soon!

Anonymous said: Love love love your blog. Have a question. My partner is a big fan of golden showers, and on many occasions I have pissed all over him before sex and have loved it. Now he wants to take it further and have me shit on him. I'm up for trying anything but just am a little unsure. I know you guys say you're willing to try almost anything so any advice/tips/recommendations would be much appreciated! Thanks xxxx

Sorry for the delay in answering - too much going on lately!
firstly - thank you!
Secondly - Can’t say we’ve tried that - it is a little beyond our scope. Try the Tumblr sites “Scat Kitten” and “I love SCAT” for the experts.
Stay horny and dirty!

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